Our team of lawyers and associated law firms provide us the ability of reaching out wide throughout the world. Some of our lawyers are known to have worked in banks and financial institutions, and know the way of thinking of such institutions and share their methods. We have in the past worked closely with and for banks, financial institutions, brokers, asset managers, and alike, in setting up measures to implement legislation, performing outsourcing of typically in-house work, among others.

We have incorporated and obtained licenses for insurance and banking activities, and whilst in the past few years we have seen a downturn on the financial markets and banks’ strengths being severely put to the test, such fact brought to light the need to apply fresh thinking as the markets adjust to continually changing economic, political and regulatory conditions. Our lawyers are known for our intellectual curiosity and perfectionism; our banking and finance lawyers advise on deep product expertise and regularly work alongside our regulatory, litigation, and restructuring teams to develop an eye wide approach for our clients.

That is why corporate and financial institutions in the financial markets across the Portuguese speaking countries entrust us with their domestic and cross-border transactions.